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Topic: Strad/Gofriller question

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    Strad/Gofriller question

    Someone on this forum (whose post count is 0) sent me a message via the forum, saying that they were owners of both solo cello and violin libraries, but having trouble integrating into them Finale, and asking if I could supply them with the NKI file for the most recent strad and gofriller libraries.

    I haven't really needed to update these libraries since my newer computer, so I'm wondering, is this a "legitimate" request for an owner of either of those libraries? I believe they said that they could not get the most recent update. Knowing that both are discontinued, it makes me wonder if this is true. Since they are no longer available for purchase, I guess that an updated version would not be in the pipeline.

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    Re: Strad/Gofriller question

    Does not sound legit at all

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