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Topic: This Forum Nominated For Best Echo Chamber

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    This Forum Nominated For Best Echo Chamber

    Based on the responses one gets to one\'s posts up here, this has got to be the echo chamber of all time.....Hello (hello....hello....hello....)

    Seriously, why have a forum if no one is there to man it?

    KONTAKT is a great sampler. It\'s manual is woefully weak for the beginner, and tech support out there is not really geared toward helping you learn (just solve perhaps one particular bug or problem) so I felt like this was probably the last hope for getting questions like (\"How do get a open hi hat to cut off when the closed one sounds?\") but I see not only my, but others posts just sit here for weeks with no response from anyone.

    Is anybody out there?

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    Re: This Forum Nominated For Best Echo Chamber

    correct VERY BUSY but you should receive a reply soon.

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    Re: This Forum Nominated For Best Echo Chamber

    Hey Tell you what, tell these guys to get me a copy of Kontakt, and I\'ll be all over this place with replies and stuff [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I like what I\'ve seen/played with it, but am broke as all hell right now. I infact will buy it at some point, but I wouldn\'t mind winning that contest here for a kopy [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: This Forum Nominated For Best Echo Chamber

    There\'s a tutorial on NI\'s site about hi hat cut off. Very simple to do.

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    Re: This Forum Nominated For Best Echo Chamber

    seriously, the lack of NI posting on this forum is really worrying. Support is the basis upon which the software industry is built.

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    Re: This Forum Nominated For Best Echo Chamber

    Since they have almost no presence on their own forum, it’s not surprising they’re not heard from here.

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    Re: This Forum Nominated For Best Echo Chamber

    There was someone here at one point...Probably too busy...NI`s VST`s are awesome but there support has never been reliable.Also most of the moderators(especially at the NI forum),dont even know whats happening at NI in germany.u gotta fugure it out yourself..best of luck. P.S Ive been using Kontakt for a while ,u could ask me, i may know...Rich

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    Re: This Forum Nominated For Best Echo Chamber

    There are native instrument people here who do answer question but they are not here all the time. It’s no different than the giga forums here, try to remember the last time a tascam rep has been in the software or hardware section of gigastudio. Although the manufactures do come here they are not obligated to answer every question at everyone’s call that would be going overboard this is why as stated when you register. \"We are here to help each other to get the best use out of the software sampler you work with. if you can help some one with a problem or you have some tips please post an article.\" the last quote is directly from the registration.
    Martin Jann is the Native instrument rep that checks in this site we are very honored because he happens to be involved in the development of native instrument samplers. I\'m not surprised that he is busy because of the speed their company releases updates and new products. He did at one point state if you have technical problem to use their support form at their site. Other than that to expect them to be answering every question at every waking minute of the day is.....maybe a little to far fetched. We do not expect that from any manufacturer/developer here.
    I will however in my attempt to help try to email him or another rep to see if they can help you with your questions Other than that a very gracious user, Rich Pell has offered to help.

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    Re: This Forum Nominated For Best Echo Chamber

    I`m actually going to a KOntakt/Steinberg clinic tonight.Maybe I`ll lay some tips on ya`ll tommorow...Rich Pell IMHO Kontakt is a killer VST.

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    Re: This Forum Nominated For Best Echo Chamber

    Those guys have been working around the clock for the last 6 months, kinda like me.

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