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Topic: Vienna Symphonic Library now available @ Try-Sound

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    Vienna Symphonic Library now available @ Try-Sound

    We are proud to announce that after a long term of development and server enhancements the following VSL Instruments are available at www.Try-Sound.com for immediate live test over the internet!

    - Vienna Imperial
    - Special Edition Bundle (Standard & Extended Libraries) running on Vienna Instruments Pro

    "try-before-you-buy" - www.Try-Sound.com is the world's only platform that offers the possibility of testing virtual instruments from your home anywhere in the world by transmitting MIDI and audio over the internet. This free service is provided by www.bestservice.de and www.SoundsOnDemand.com

    Already included instruments:
    * Best Service: Accordions, Artist Complete, Cinematique Instruments, Complete Classical Collection 2nd, Chris Hein Bass, Chris Hein Guitars, Chris Hein Horns V1 - V4, Convolution Space, Cult Sampler, Drums Overkill, Epic World, Ethno World 5 Professional & Voices, Evolution Series World Percussion, Forest Kingdom, Galaxy II Pianos, Galaxy Vintage D, Latin World, Orient World, String Essentials 2nd, TITAN, Xsample Chamber Ensemble
    * MusicLab: RealGuitar, RealStrat
    * Yellow Tools: Independence PRO
    * Miroslav Vitous: String Ensembles
    * ProjectSAM: Symphobia 1 & 2, Orchestral Brass Classic
    * Synthogy: Ivory II Grand Pianos, Italian Grand & Upright Pianos
    * Sample Logic: Synergy
    * HeavyOcity: Evolve
    * Vir2: Electri6ity, World Impact: Global Percussion, MOJO: Horn Section, Elite Orchestral Percussion, BASiS, syntAX, VI One, Acoustic Legends HD
    * z.plane: Vielklang
    * Wallander WIVI: Woodwinds & Saxophones, Orchestral & Band Brass

    Have fun!

    Try-Sound team

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    Re: Vienna Symphonic Library now available @ Try-Sound

    Is this still PC only?


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    Re: Vienna Symphonic Library now available @ Try-Sound

    Quote Originally Posted by rikp View Post
    Is this still PC only?

    No no!
    The Mac version has been released about a year ago


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