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Topic: COMPLETE Noob to music needs help starting.

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    Question COMPLETE Noob to music needs help starting.

    Hi guys,

    I'm a software developer and a graphics artist, but I've been taking an interest in creating music simply for the leisurely pleasure of bringing to life the orchestral scores I find banging around in my head trying to get out =)

    As the heading states, I am a COMPLETE noob to music creation.
    I bought something called the Garret Personal Orchestra 4 (This is all I have related to music creation). It uses something called the Aria Player. However, I can't seem to make anything with it. The reason I bought it was because of the demos pasted on their site of what one could ultimately do with GPO4.

    I guess this is more of me not understanding anything about music composing software to begin with (if the aria player is a music composer to begin with).

    I just really need someone to point me to the best direction to composing orchestral scores.
    I know how to play the piano in real life and that's about it for my music abilities.


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    Re: COMPLETE Noob to music needs help starting.

    Welcome to the forum!!

    GPO4 is mostly just a set of sounds. You will still need a notation program or a sequencer program to use the sounds to create musical pieces. Each program has its own advantages and disadvantages and they can all take some time to learn to use. The most popular ones are:

    Overture 4
    Digital Performer
    Pro Tools

    ... and probably a bunch more I'm forgetting. I use Overture 4 myself. Overture 4 uses MIDI sounds by default, but can load any instruments from Aria instead.
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    Re: COMPLETE Noob to music needs help starting.

    I use GPO with Cubase & I like the programme. Actually I have version 3 which uses Kontakt Player not Aria, but the principle is about the same.

    One possible tip would be to register with Classical Archives (I forget the web address).
    You'll find thousands of classical midi pieces there that you could import into Logis or Cubase or whatever and then apply the correct GPO instruments to them. Bear in mind that this would only be a starting point - your songs would need loads of tweaking to get them to sound right, but it would be a great learning curve.
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    Re: COMPLETE Noob to music needs help starting.

    To use an analogy, you've bought a load of paints, but no canvas or brushes. I believe that there are some free sequencers out there to try. I have a programme Samplitube Silver, its limited in what it can do, but it doesn't cost anything and you can upgrade once you get started. Check the term DAW in your browser, the really high end apps can cost thousands, but you won't need anything more than the basics to get started.

    Also, if you don't know anything about music, then you probably need a good book on theory. You need to have some understanding of the basics, I'm afraid.

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