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Topic: Sea Glass (Glass from "Elements" demo)

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    Sea Glass (Glass from "Elements" demo)

    This demo is dedicated to the Glass instruments from "Elements". It is all glass except for 2 brass chords, a piano bass notes and a shade of choir, solo cello and timp.

    Sea Glass

    Comments are welcomed, as always.


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    Re: Sea Glass (Glass from "Elements" demo)

    Beautiful Guy. Really beautiful.

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    Re: Sea Glass (Glass from "Elements" demo)

    Thank you Nick!

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    Re: Sea Glass (Glass from "Elements" demo)

    Really, really beautiful! Haunting sound, but at the same time mellow and enchanting!

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: Sea Glass (Glass from "Elements" demo)

    Thank you Worra!

    I did a new mix but with Hybrid, no other effects added.

    Original mix:
    Sea Glass

    Same piece but new title:
    Glass Odyssey (Hybrid)

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