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Topic: Midi timing issues in GPO4?

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    Midi timing issues in GPO4?

    Hi all,

    I am having some real timing problems with GPO4 at the moment. I am trying to record a "Western" soundtrack style piece that requires a repetative "galloping" figure to be played by strings and a snare drum. I am using addictive drums for the snare and kit and the GPO4 strings' Violin section 1 (sustained and short) patch for the violins (and will use other similar patches for other parts once this issue has been fixed.

    I am using Cubase 5 Essential to sequence this piece.

    The issue is that, although I have quantised both parts using the same values and both appear to be lined up in the same place in the midi editor, the string section sample is playing very behind the beat. Is this simply a question of the samples "sounding" late or is GPO actually responding late?

    Any advice on this gratefully received as this is driving me crazy!

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    Re: Midi timing issues in GPO4?

    This happens with some combinations of different groups of instruments.

    I work with Cubase 5 as well, and the solution I found is
    to move (nudge) either the drums tracks or the strings tracks
    as much as needed until all instruments sound together.
    In some places you might need to work on individual notes as well.

    Hope this helps.

    ~ Yudit ~

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