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Topic: RMX POWER CONTROL – new Logic Midi Editor for Stylus

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    RMX POWER CONTROL – new Logic Midi Editor for Stylus

    Audiogrocery is excited to announce the new RMX Power Control Logic Environment midi editor tool.

    RMX Power Control is a new generation Logic complex environment tool, designed as a powerful Midi Editor for controlling Stylus RMX via Logic Pro. The RMX PCTRL incorporates multiple features in a well-designed macro ensemble workspace. You can easily save RMX parameter snapshots into macro control presets and recall them using a variety of midi messages such as: Program change, Control change or even jam with your snapshots using the unique Key Switcher float tool. The new features include: Parameter Randomizer Machine, Vector Faders dual control, Hyper Set collection for all RMX parts and the Mixer, Program Name support of the Part presets directly from the Logic track inspector, new Screenset Palette etc.

    Key Features

    • Improved RMX Edit Page workspace - designed in the new environment editor, which provides direct access and overview of all LFOS, Envelopes and Chaos Designer parameters.
    • New vector faders are added to the Synth Edit page (environment editor) for dual control of some parameters such as Cut & Reso etc. Mute and Solo buttons are added to the Synth Edit page for fast part auditioning and editing.
    • Snapshot ("SS" - quick save) of the Editors and internal clipboard management of the snapshots/presets, supported by the new "Control Header" environment tool. The new snapshot (SS) feature supports realtime (quick save) operation, so you can edit and save/load your presets while Logic is running.
    • Program Change and Control Change of the snapshots/presets support. Thanks to the new Program change presets control, you can directly switch your presets using external controller or select a Program Name Part preset directly from the track "Prg" Inspector box in the Arrange. The RMX POWER CTRL Multi Instrument comes with eight factory program name banks.
    • Ultimate "Key Switcher" float tool. The Key Switcher tool transforms key notes to Program Change messages. Up to eight different (previously mapped to a key) Program Change messages can be sent per key note, using custom midi channel setup to recall different presets from each RMX Part Editor (including Synth Edit, Chaos Designer and Part Mixer). Using the Kew Switcher, you can play your external keyboard to jam with the RMX snapshots/presets or record snapshot automation note events on a specially assigned Logic arrange track.
    • Parameter Randomizer editor which generates cool fader beat-jumping of the RMX Synth & Chaos editor parameters. It supports real time "Learn" feature and instant settings saving.
    • Integrated Hyper Sets, and easy draw or edit CC# automation, using a huge array of event definitions named according to the corresponding parameter of Synth Edit, Chaos Designer and Mixer editors.
    • Screenset Palettes. There are nine Screenset Palettes for all RMX POWER CTRL parts and the mixer, where you can switch quickly to the corresponding Part or Mixer screenset. The new Screenset Palette supports custom Screenset # assign as well.
    • Universal Learn Template Map. RMX Power CTRL comes with 625 pre-learned CC# parameter assignments map, which saves time to “Learn Control” or “Enable Host Automation” before hand to automate Stylus RMX parameters via the host sequencer.
    You can find a detail Demo Video in the home page shown below.

    Logic GUI Deluxe (Free),
    Bulgarian Voices Sampling,
    RMX PCTRL Midi Editor for Logic and Stylus,
    Logic Mixer Snapshot Console.

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    Re: RMX POWER CONTROL – new Logic Midi Editor for Stylus

    Nice frontend. I couldn't view the entire video (took too long to load up). I sugest you load up your vids at Youtube at least. I am pretty sure this thread will get nuke shortly though.

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