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Topic: Post Pristine Piano

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    Post Pristine Piano

    I am Michiel Post from Post Audio Media, the creator of PostPristinePiano. Questions have been asked in this forum about what happened to the PostPristinePiano product.
    Well, as some people may know, there was dissension in the past between Post Audio Media and DMM (the publisher of the cd) about the interpretation of our \"software and distribution agreement\'. DMM claimed the (co-) ownership of the copyrights of my products. We have solved these differences of opinion. The ownership of the copyrights on all my products rests with me. It has been agreed that the sale of the PPP (as known today) will be discontinued by DMM and there will not be any new products called \"PristinePiano\" or \"Pristine Series xxx\" etc.
    I have finished a new product in Giga-format to fill the gap, called PostPianoSuite, based on the same Steinway D grand piano that includes a large amount of other instruments as well. This version is much better than the original one, partly because a lot of input from kind beta-testers from this group here. Thanks!
    I\'m very happy that the distribution of this product will be done by BiggaGiggas. Go to www.biggagiggas.com and click on the news page for more details.
    Everyone with questions about this or related subjects is welcome to contact me.


    Michiel Post

    Post Audio Media
    Digital Music & Sampling
    Rijnstraat 197
    The Netherlands
    Copyright 2001 © PAM

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    Re: Post Pristine Piano


    I bought the Post Pristine Piano (PPP).
    Is the new CD (Grand Piano, Steinway D) much better than my PPP? My PPP has about 1.7 Gb.

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    Re: Post Pristine Piano

    The new piano uses new samples, they were all re-mastered. They come from the same recordingsession and instrument. The new version uses Nemesys disc-accelleration-compression to make the performance a lot better. You get about 85% more voices from a normal system. Further I included a lot of variations on the main piano and also several performances in GigaStusio. The disc further contains over 50 other instruments (Celesta, prepared piano, electric piano etc etc...).
    This disc is absolutely much...much better.
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Post Pristine Piano

    I appreciate it may be tricky given the change in distributorship, but is there any way those of us that purchased the PostPristinePiano can receive an upgrade price?

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    Re: Post Pristine Piano

    We\'re working on details for such an upgrade offer for owners of the original PostPristinePiano. We\'ll keep you informed (soon).
    In the mean time you can check the audio MP3\'s of the new instruments at http://www.biggagiggas.com/PostPianoSuite.htm
    Kind regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Post Pristine Piano

    Sorry, just found out that I posted the wrong link in my previous post, better try this: http://www.biggagiggas.com/Post%20Piano%20Suite.htm

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    Re: Post Pristine Piano

    I think those who originally bought the beta were promised a break on the cost of the end product. Is that still the case, Michael?

    John Grant

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    Re: Post Pristine Piano

    All beta testers will get the new version.
    My apologies for the way this beta test program was handled. Things were pretty messed up here during the last months. Now that these problems around the distribution of the product are cleared I\'ll have more time to make up for that!

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Post Pristine Piano

    When will this new collection be avalible?

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    Re: Post Pristine Piano

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by esperlad:
    When will this new collection be avalible?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Planned release the 9:th of April!!!
    There will also be a upgrade path for PPP owners.

    Per Larsson
    Bigga Giggas Europe

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