Hi, i'd just like to introduce myself (Rob) and my site to you, www.tronsonic.com

I provide samples and patches for kontakt and esx24 users, sampling synths and instruments to worn tape on 60s valve equipment, to emulate the sound of tape based samplers like the mellotron and birotron.
The samples are usually just of the raw waveforms from the oscillators, enabling you to synthesize them within your sampler.

What i'm discovering is that there are some amazing oscillators 'locked' up in some very basic synths. For example, the sound from the video above was from a string synth, which in its physical state had no filters or modulation possibilities.
I'm keeping my prices extremely low, and also offer some free samples. The library will be growing all the time - please take a look - if you like a bit of grit/character in your music then this might be for you .