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Topic: Wave Interference (Omnisphere + Other Heavy Sample Library = Weird phenomenon)

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    Wave Interference (Omnisphere + Other Heavy Sample Library = Weird phenomenon)

    I have run into a weird situation, and not only once, but a couple times and I'm wondering if anyone has had this effect.
    You know when two sound waves from speakers can cancel each other out? And it causes wave interference? I have somewhat achieved this a couple of times, but in the form of using Omnisphere with other sound libraries.
    I don't know exactly if it's just because of the positioning (panning of instruments), or the sound card used for play back not knowing whether to play parts of it in surround sound (back speakers, front speakers, or both).

    So for example, I used Omnisphere to create the main melody. The first piece was the Hollywood Studio String Section loaded into PART 1, then I loaded a 12 String Guitar into PART 2 with an ARP (arp 2 octaves + down) panned hard to the left, and the same 12 String patch into PART 3 panned hard to the right with an ARP (arp 2 octaves + up).
    So basically, the Arp is playing 2 octaves instead of one, and the left Arp is going down, while the right Arp is going up. Kind of like dueling guitars.
    I loaded a different instrument library to add some orchestral brass sounds.

    It sounds great through headphones, and if I recall I think my monitors were okay when playing the audio, but when I played it from my actual regular sound card, it was terrible.

    When the separate parts/patches/instruments all joined in, it was like I dropped the volume several decibels, and then it would raise back up, and go down again. It fluctuated up and down like that throughout the song. Just like a wave was being canceled out.

    My sound card is one of those X-Fi sound cards by Creative with all that 3D Sound (CMSS) stuff that isn't really important for audio production or making audio sound better, but it's possible it is that CMSS trying to figure out which channel to play the music out of. I have a 5.1 surround sound setup. I am just not sure. I am using Pro Tools and don't have the Production Toolkit, so I am not sure what happens to the surround sound channels when it bounces the audio to the disk. Perhaps it removes it, and only plays Front Left and Front Right... though that wouldn't make sense either, because I know I have had some songs that were bounced which play out of the front center, front right, front left, and can hear the reverb in the rear left, rear right.

    So I am not really trying to get support for this, but am wondering if any of you have experienced this. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I seriously don't know what I have done. At first I thought it was when I bounced the project to MP3 in Pro Tools. So I bounced it to wave file format, and it did the same.

    Anyways, just a weird phenomenon that I hear happening, and I'm just not sure if I am the only one who has ever experienced this. It might just be Creative's weird way of trying to make a song into surround via it's CMSS or 3D sound.

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    Re: Wave Interference (Omnisphere + Other Heavy Sample Library = Weird phenomenon)

    Update: It may actually just be Creative's way of doing 3D Sound. I played it on a laptop with two speakers plugged into the headphone jack, and the audio did not cut in or out. I may have to mess around with this more. I guess that's why I don't like the whole hype of 3D Surround Now, CMSS Audio, EAX Sound Environments. Great for games, but not for audio production.

    By the way, I don't use the Creative sound card to create any of my music in Pro Tools. I use the MBOX Mini to create, and then when it is all finished, I usually like to hear how it sounds on a different system (Creative 5.1 Surround Sound Card).

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    Re: Wave Interference (Omnisphere + Other Heavy Sample Library = Weird phenomenon)

    But this is a good lesson. It is worth checking out your stereo mix against those technologies- just to see what it does to your recording. You should check out some CD tracks of songs that sound similar to what you are doing and see if they have the same results. If not, maybe there is some mastering you can do to deal with the cause. The last thing you would want is to release some tracks that someone may put through some spatial virtualizer and have it sound bad.

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