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Topic: GPO4/Aria in SONAR X1

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    GPO4/Aria in SONAR X1

    Hi, Is anyone running GPO4 (Aria) in SONAR X1 64 bit? When I save a project that uses the 64 bit Aria Player, and then re-open it:

    - all mixer channels go back to output 1/2, no matter what they were set at before.
    - The Aria player will not stay in the multidock, or as a seperate window. I have to go back to the synth rack to open it.

    Has anyone else seen this? It should remember these settings.

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    Re: GPO4/Aria in SONAR X1

    Randy Bowser (rbowser), who is also on the SONAR forum, has experience with X1. He is working on a new musical and is having major computer problems, last I heard. He is usually on this board quite alot. Maybe PM him and see what's up. He's my go-to guy about anything SONAR.

    Hope that helped.
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