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Topic: Trilian gliss up

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    Trilian gliss up

    Hi there.

    I think the gliss up patch in the studio bass multi(s) has too much string buzz. To my ears, this articulation stands out and doesn't blend in as good as the rest of the patches. It sounds as if the bassist had a very light touch. Any thoughts and/or tips are appreciated.


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    Re: Trilian gliss up

    So, it's only me then? That's fine, but I can play glissandi all day long on my Fender JazzBass, and it sounds nothing like that. And, more importantly, the gliss up patch does not blend well with the other articulations.

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    Re: Trilian gliss up

    It's the sound of an active 5 string Bass with bright strings, they have more string noise/fret sound when glissing than a passive Bass like a Fender Jazz. Just use another bass if that sound isn't working in your track.

    I don't find unnatural at all though. It's the sound of the instrument for sure.

    The "Naked Bass" demo is a pretty good example of how well it sits with the other articulations (even in a solo context):


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    Re: Trilian gliss up

    Thanks for the advise, Eric. When I go back to that song, I'll try another bass. I listened to "Naked bass", and I don't think it blends well there either, and in one spot in particular. The tone:noise ratio sounds odd to me. I did make that articulation usable with eq, though.

    I have a bass player coming in today to record, and I know he's bringing an active 5-string bass. I'll have him play some glissandis in various places on the neck to compare.

    Thanks again.

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