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Topic: How are Overlays being used?

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    How are Overlays being used?

    How do I use the Overlay instrument patches? Are they supposed to be used on their own or on top of a solo instrument? Do I load for example a solo instrument in slot 1, midi channel 1, and the overlay version of the same instrument in slot 2, also directing to midi channel 1?
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    Re: How are Overlays being used?

    Overlays, as I understand it, are to give already-existing versions of the same instrument some punch. I think using them on their own or with the other instruments is a matter of preference depending on the tone you're going for.

    I don't think I would assign them to the same MIDI channel unless you intend the overlay to play the same melody.

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    Re: How are Overlays being used?

    It depends on the situation. Sometimes I use the overlay to give the brass instruments more brightness, not including the SAM horns. Other times I would use them standalone. Main thing is to be creative and try different combinations.


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