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Topic: How do I do this: USING MULTIPLE CONTROLLERS...

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    USING MULTIPLE CONTROLLERS - The advanced programming of Garritan Personal Orchestra allows you to operate multiple performance controllers simultaneously to make the music expressive. Phrases with grace notes, runs, scales, pickups, arpeggios and other ornaments can be played with individual notes - no pitch-shifting played passages are necessary. With Garritan Personal Orchestra, you can actually play many of these patterns in real time, as a real players would.
    You can listen to my music on: www.andrevanharen.com

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    Re: How do I do this: USING MULTIPLE CONTROLLERS...

    From what I've learned so far, it's a matter of using the controls available for a particular instrument under the "Controls" tab in addition to other controls like using the "keyswitch" version of the instrument.

    For example, "Violins 1 KS" has a portamento effect (MIDI CC #20) that's set at zero by default under the Controls tab but when used with the sustain pedal, you can get a really nice transition to other notes with this up a little (not too much unless you're aiming for the sound of the THX effect).

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