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Topic: An All Garritan Jazz Piece - Estaté

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    An All Garritan Jazz Piece - Estaté

    One of the few Italian composed Jazz standards is Estaté by Bruno Martino and I heard a really nice flute rendition some time back. So now that I feel more confident using the Garritan Libs, I set out to see if I could make a satisfactory all Garritan mock up. I am pretty happy overall.

    I use GAS (of course ) for piano, and I used GPO4 for the string parts (layered cellos, violas, and violins), and JABB3 flute and flugelhorn for melodies along with the Jazz Guitar, Standup Bass, and Drums. The melody parts are played with an EWI USB with no editing, so all the nuance is live.

    So here it is... Estaté


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    Re: An All Garritan Jazz Piece - Estaté

    Very nice performance and arrangement. Really smooth. Captures the vibe well.

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    Re: An All Garritan Jazz Piece - Estaté

    Beautiful composition, great Harmony, nice sounds!

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    Re: An All Garritan Jazz Piece - Estaté

    I think Estate' is one of the best bossa nova type songs ever written. Your arrangement is pleasant to listen to. I would have liked it played a little faster, but of course that is only a subjective opinion.

    Thanks for posting. Jay

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    Re: An All Garritan Jazz Piece - Estaté

    That's really great - so relaxing to listen to, and a great mix.
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    Re: An All Garritan Jazz Piece - Estaté

    Thanks to everyone for the nice notes and comments. The outcome is a testament to what is possible with the libraries and a bit of persistence.

    I guess I am my own critic in this case. I have listened to this several times, and I think that I would mix it up a little bit to add some variety. I also am not technically happy with the trade-offs between the piano and guitar. They were a little more disjointed than I like in hind-sight, but even still, I like listening to it just for the sounds. The breathy flute comes out pretty nice with the EWI.

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    Re: An All Garritan Jazz Piece - Estaté

    Wonderful job on this - sounds smooth and very alive - makes me think of "the Med", or something.
    Most enjoyable, thank you for sharing!!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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