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Topic: GPO with finale - autolegato/legato

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    Exclamation GPO with finale - autolegato/legato

    Hi! I have the following troubles with GPO in Finale 2011 (Windows):

    I do not see the "autolegato" Feature in Aria Player. The place where the knob should be - according to the documentation - is empty! And for the strings I have to manually add the controller 102 set to 127 at the beginning of each staff.

    With the trumpets I have a different problem: in the first legato-phrase the engine switches correctly to legato mode. But it never switches back! The next trumpet hit sounds very unnatural because the attack ist missing!
    As a workaround i set controller 68 to 0 on each beginning of a trumpet-phrase.

    Any idea?

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    Re: GPO with finale - autolegato/legato

    My understanding is you don't want to use auto-legato with Finale. In fact it might not be available with the notation set of samples. Rather you should just notate slurs.

    Now this is assuming you're using Human Playback.
    Steve Winkler GPO4 JAAB3 Finale 2012 Reaper Windows 7 Pro 64-bit VSL SE+

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    Re: GPO with finale - autolegato/legato

    I do want to use autolegato mode! And i use slurs to tell human playback to switch to legate mode. But human playback won't switch back on the trumpets after the end of the slur. Or maybe it doesn't switch back on other instruments either, and I didn't recognize it by now.

    Maybe my installation isn't correct?

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    Re: GPO with finale - autolegato/legato

    Mr. Winkler is correct -- the Notation patches in GPO4 do not have autolegato. If you only have the GPO library that came bundled with Finale, then I'm afraid you're stuck. However, if you have the full version of GPO4, use the patches in the Standard library, and this will give you the autolegato feature. Please bear in mind that you won't be able to use Finale's Human Playback, but you can use the MIDI tool to input controller data for dynamics, etc. Although HP is nice to have, IMHO it is not essential to producing high-quality renderings with Finale. By the way, I'm finding that autolegato yields better and more consistent results than using CC64/68 for legato.

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