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Topic: Sequencer

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    So, I am looking into purchasing a sequencer to enhance my music production. Right now I use Finale/GPO. I was looking at Sonar and I admit it's probably pretty good. I wish Master Tracks Pro was still around... I used to love that program.

    So, what sequencers do you guys suggest?

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    Re: Sequencer

    I occasionally use Reaper. For me it does everything I need. Many say there's quite a learning curve but I think those are folks coming from another sequencing program. And the price is right
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    Re: Sequencer

    pm me re Master Tracks Pro
    Bryan H
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    Re: Sequencer

    Quote Originally Posted by FossMaNo1 View Post
    So, what sequencers do you guys suggest?
    Before spending any money, I suggest trying Reaper, it has a fully functional demo version what you can use for 30 days.
    I've been a Sonar user for years (I must admit, an old version), but switched over to Reaper in a week.

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    Re: Sequencer

    Most, if not all, major DAWs on the market have a trial of some sort. Try them out and see what suits you best.

    Take note (no pun intended) you can, of course, export the MIDI from Finale and import it into the DAW of your choice. The DAW should import the MIDI intelligently (like inserting a MIDI track for each instrument, e.g., Violins 1, Violins 2, Viola, etc.) and even insert any envelopes relating to Human Playback in Finale. (e.g., an envelope should be created relating to crescendos/decrescendos that were created in Finale.)

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