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Topic: Cubase SX refuse to remember VST patch

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    Cubase SX refuse to remember VST patch

    Ok, let's say I use Korg Legacy as VST instrument in a track. The default patch by some reason is IDM Pad, I change to any different patch, press stop and rewind. Immediately Cubase change back to default patch!?
    Am I missing something here?

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    Re: Cubase SX refuse to remember VST patch

    Re: "Am I missing something here?"

    Yes, you are missing several newer versions of Cubase that have been released in the last 6 years! Do understand that "SX" (whatever version of SX you own) is no longer supported and considered obsolete. Also it's hard to guess what is going on since the information you provided so far doesn't provide many clues about other factors that could be at play. For example, does this happen with a fresh project or is it reoccurring in all projects? Have you tried using the Instrument Rack (F11) and utilizing a VSTi there instead of trying to do it via an instrument track? One suggestion is try posting at the Steinberg Cubase forum, where other Cubase users may be able to help. Perhaps there are still a few people who still have SX(?) on their machines.
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