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Topic: Omnisphere 1.5.5e crashing Cubase like crazy

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    Omnisphere 1.5.5e crashing Cubase like crazy

    Since updating Omnisphere and installing Cubase 6, I've been experiencing serious crash problems. Omnisphere will behave for a period of time but when performing on some loaded patches, the audio engine will begin to skip in a steady rhythm. Eventually Cubase closes with a runtime error.

    This happens in both Cubase 6.02 and 5.5.3.
    Hardware includes i7 950, 12GB DDR3, RME 9632 (all latest updates)
    Windows 7 64bit

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    Re: Omnisphere 1.5.5e crashing Cubase like crazy

    i have also installed the latest update 1.5.5e and it is working with no issues i would say Omni and cubase were made for each other.I am working with Cubase 5.1.1 64bit did scale back down from 5.5.3 out of

    have a look on the cubase forum under cubase 6 and see what users are saying, there does appear to be a run time issue with 6.0.2 update

    Cubase is one of the best out there for music production and find it very VST friendly but cubase is very very fussy if some thing did not install correct cubase will give you trouble


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