Software built to creatively manage one or several DSP solutions for enhancing audio playback, Bluejay(tm) DJ-Dynamite is a disc jockey FUN-station powering fifteen audio components for Windows operating systems.

Bluejay DJ-Dynamite represents new technology that enables music lovers and audiophiles to create moving soundscapes that add fireworks to music! Enter a lush ocean of sound alive with rich textures and ambiance. Move yourself beyond bass and trouble. Squeeze the most out of your speaker system. Hear your music rendered in new and exciting ways that you define and control.

The DX-Dynamite device works in conjunction with the Digital-FX component. Paint your soundscapes by dipping your brush into a palette of chorus, echo, flange, reverb and/or audio compression. Save your setup to one of the presets. Now paint an entirely new soundscape or something similar. Save this setup to a different preset. DX-Dynamite now ready to transition soundscapes, highlighting their differences of aural color. The DYNAMITE slider becomes an exciting new tool. Jog, walk, or jerk slider to progress dynamic or select AUTO for smooth continuous movement from one soundscape to another.

Incorporate DYNAMITE during music playback to emphasize particular phrases or use during song transitions to fade desired effects in/out.

Only Bluejay DJ-Dynamite includes the DX-Dynamite FX Crossover which compliments the robust rack of Bluejay Mpeg-Suite, fourteen audio components in a native rack that make it easy to enjoy your music collection with push-button "play" list automation. Random and/or programmable cross-fading produce excellent results mixing tracks. Use full-featured wave editor to edit and record new WMA / MP3 / WAV audio files. 10-band DirectX parametric equalizer boasts low-latency response and programmable bands. Incorporate video, documents, or programs in your DJ playback queue as well. Includes mixer, drum kit, bird bath, plus other special effects and convenient features.

Try BLUEJAY Mpeg-Suite risk free for 30 days, then register for $19.99. BLUEJAY DJ-Dynamite costs $69.99 for single-user license. For more information and to download 30-day trial, visit web site at

Your music never sounded better!

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