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Topic: Life update

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    Life update

    In my "retirement", I have picked up a new hobby - running! On Saturday I ran my first half marathon at the Indy 500 Mini Marathon. I trained well and finished in 2:16 and I am pleased with that. In 6 months I will be back in Indy running my first full marathon - the Indy Monumental Marathon on November 5. I begin training for that this coming Monday. I am in the best shape of my life and I love running long miles now.

    My composer/author visits have gone well all around Indiana. I have 4 more to do this month and that will wind it up for this school year. I expect to double the number of dates next year and will expand into Ohio and Kentucky next year. The money is nice, but sharing with excited kids is the best part. I will be working now on my one-man convocations celebrating the history of Indiana. I may do a few preview shows next spring and then offer them to all schools in the 2012-2013 school year.

    I met with the board of directors of a local community theater (150 seats) last week to present my proposal of a new musical that they could debut in a year. It will be about a typical "Mom and Pop" ice cream shop - much like one in my town. The working title is "Life and Love at Kerrigan's Corner". It will have the "feel" of "The Fantastiks" and "Our Town". They are very excited about it and we will do several workshops starting this summer and hopefully do it in the fall of 2012.

    I am interviewing this evening for a short 5-week summer program at Seymour Middle School. It is for a Summer Advantage session for underachieving students in 6th and 7th grade. They have solid subjects in the morning and enrichment classes in the afternoon. I am proposing to do an introduction to song writing class for the kids. The money will be nice - not too many hours - and I would know many of the kids. Plus, I think it will be fun to get kids turned on to writing their own lyrics which will help their creative writing skills. For the most part, I will use "blank" soundtracks I will create with no melody. They will write lyrics and come up with their own melodies. More advanced kids could play guitar or piano and do their own music writing as well. I hope to get it - would be a lot of fun!

    So life is good and I am very blessed.
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    Re: Life update

    That's all great news. I'm so glad your music endeavors are so successful. I'm also glad to hear you're still running. Sounds like you're past the "point of no return" of commitment. You had great weather for the mini Saturday and your time is very respectable for your first attempt. Congratulations and keep it up.
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    Re: Life update

    Sounds fun, good luck!

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    Re: Life update

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    Re: Life update

    Sounds wonderful! Best of all things to you!
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