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Topic: FX Teleport for Windows 7 32 bit??

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    FX Teleport for Windows 7 32 bit??

    Hi everyone.
    Anyone knows of a way to making VST Teleport work in Windows 7 32 bit?
    I read a post somewhere of a guy saying that running it in windows SP2 compatibility mode with administrator privileges and disabling visual effects of win7 did the trick, but i tried it and alas it this not work

    Anyone can help me????

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    Re: FX Teleport for Windows 7 32 bit??


    Haven't tried it here, but would not be surprised if it didn't work. Which are you trying to run on W7 - the client, or the server?

    Best bet is to get VE Pro. Works like a charm here.


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    Re: FX Teleport for Windows 7 32 bit??


    I'm running the Windows 7 Ultimate x86 machine as client and the a XP SP2 as server.
    As soon as FXT installation is concluded in the w7 machine, the configure applet runs and immediately crashes.
    I talked with a guy named Andy from FX-MAX and he said to run things as admin in w7 because of conflicts with the w7 UAC but that didn't work also...so i don't know what to do...

    The thing about VE Pro is its price (195+24 euros)...FXT is a lot cheaper and i've read it works very well...i'm not a pro musician anymore, i just make music for fun these days so i don't want to spend a lot of cash in VE Pro...

    Nevertheless i have to PC's so i was thinking of building a kind of a farm...

    Thanx for the reply


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    Re: FX Teleport for Windows 7 32 bit??

    Did you turn your UAC off? If you did, I dont see how there would be any conflicts there. Sure, running as Admin is a good suggestion anyway, but again - I am nort surprised it is not working.

    With VE Pro, you get three licenses, so if you want to farm, you can have four computers: 1 master, and three slaves with ONE license. This way, VE Pro is actually cheaper than FX-T.


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