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Topic: American Roots

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    American Roots

    Well, my latest composition... I'm in a patriotic mood right now ...

    I think the percussion is a bit strong. I'm not very good at fine tunning Finale's Human Playback yet.


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    Re: American Roots

    Very nice! I didn't find the percussion too strong.
    After all it is a patriotic piece.

    My favorite project is "Our American Heritage," a personal history of America, which I wrote as a tribute to the individuals whose sacrifice gave us this country.


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    Re: American Roots

    One more from the archives this morning. I remember when you put this up, FossMan - and where are you?--Maybe having your piece on the front page will get your attention, I'd like to hear from you.

    I think at the time I was hesitant, not in the mood maybe, to listen to something which was going to have a patriotic theme, I'm not sure, but I've listened this morning and wanted to draw it to the attention of the few people who still visit The Listening Room.

    Percussion was discussed, you thought maybe it was too strong, but I don't think so at all - echoing the one comment you got on your thread last year.

    The Church is mentioned on the Soundcloud page, but it's actually a military piece, appropriate for a patriotic look at The States.

    Maybe it's not a totally cohesive piece, but it sounds like heart was put into it, and despite some rendering issues, it shows a lot of passion and work. I hope more people take a listen now.


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