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Topic: Lament for Strings and Harp

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    Lament for Strings and Harp

    Hey guys. This is my first post as I am new to world of Garritan. I noticed that there has been much talk recently on the forum about strings and their limitations and abilities in GPO4. I recently just finished a piece for strings and harp and would love to hear any feedback on both the composition itself and my use of the tools available to yield a (hopefully) convincing and satisfying string sound. The piece itself is simple in nature however I was very satisfied with the end result. The file is a rendered version from finale 2011 and was mixed using the sony acid music studio 8. Thanks for looking.

    P.S. The website is BRAND new so I apologize for the lack of content other than the above mentioned piece. more to come soon! And if for some reason this link does not take you directly to the correct place please let me know!

    Lament for Strings and Harp by Aaron O'Neal

    Thank you.

    Aaron C. O'Neal


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    Re: Lament for Strings and Harp

    Love it! Great job. Excellent piece of music.

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    Re: Lament for Strings and Harp

    Beautiful song, congrats! Very descriptive and well constructed. Maybe it could be better mixed in some pieces (the harp comes too loud in my opinion...), anyway it sounds great!

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    Re: Lament for Strings and Harp

    The NS listening Area is like a diamond mind to me. I come here in search of that rare gem that has all the makings of becoming one of the great masterpieces that enriches the lives of humankind. This is one of those rare gems. This piece in my estimation places you among the great masters. Some pieces of music makes me feel like I have glimpsed a pieces of Heaven. This is one of them.
    Samantha Penigar


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    Re: Lament for Strings and Harp

    The player didn't work in Safari, but it does in Explorer.

    I had the feeling that the harp was hidden... strange somebody else had the opposite feeling...I'm wondering if it's subjective opinion or playback equalization issue.. digital mysteries...

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    Re: Lament for Strings and Harp

    The player didn't work for me in Safari (Mac OS) either.

    I use "Hifi Audio Stream 2.0" to create the flash players for my site and they work on every browser/OS I have tried them on.

    I just googled for the software but it seems to be outdated, still I do own a license I bought like 2 years ago.

    You can visit my site (www.gammamusic.com) to see the players. If you like them, I would gladly create the players for you. Just send me the MP3 files to gamma@gammamusic.com. It is only a 5 minute deal.

    Tomorrow I will listen to your work in a Windows computer, judging for the reviews it is well worth the long boot time of my work laptop :-D

    Cheers !

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