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Topic: Bass: Dan Dean? BassLegends? Will Lee?

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    Bass: Dan Dean? BassLegends? Will Lee?

    I need some all-purpose electric bass instruments, currently the weak link in my sample collection. Can anybody recommend a good library from the above, or some other library I don\'t know about?

    I generally favor realism over genre. In other words, I\'ll take a realistic sounding bass over one that has just the right ``sound\'\' but is less realistic.

    One style I really don\'t like that much, however, is the slap bass, otherwise I\'d get the Skarbie J-slap in a minute (very eagerly awaiting his fingered and picked versions).

    In the meantime, I need something decent. Are any of the above three libraries chromatically sampled, with velocity splits?

    Thanks in advance for your input,

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    Re: Bass: Dan Dean? BassLegends? Will Lee?

    You might want to ask what people think about Quantum Leap Guitar and Bass. There are 7 basses in that library. Good rock basses and the best fretless anywhere.

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    Re: Bass: Dan Dean? BassLegends? Will Lee?

    If you want some basses that are chromatically sampled, very smooth and sit in a track to the degree that you cannot tell they are samples, try my Giga bass Collection. Click on the banner above and purchase one from Nemesys for $99.00. Its a great deal that you can\'t go wrong on.


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