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Topic: Hand-Dampen Timpani?

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    Hand-Dampen Timpani?

    Hello any/all! Greets from a very non-traditional kind of GPO4 user -- I am a tracker [see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tracker_(music_software) for more info on tracking, almost a lost art..]. Tracking is somewhat akin to sequencing but is also sample-based, and was originally realized back in the Amiga days.. Has come a long way since.. but alas, I digress.

    I'm VERY pleased with Aria/GPO4 on the whole, both used standalone or VSTi in my tracker. However, I've been looking and experimenting (by both 'notating' the note on/off and/or MIDI CC data in the tracker, and playing MIDI hardware and control gear I have) to see if it's at all possible to 'hand dampen' (or: mute a note after x duration) using the timpani KS instruments included in GPO4 -- to no avail. I know about the "standard" dampening of the note at the 'note on' event; and have extensively searched through many, many related forum posts (found reference to Finale possibly being capable via the note length and via 'Human perf. Mode' -- unfortunately the note OFF commands are not working here...). I don't even know if 'hand dampening' is a feature (or furthermore if recording/sampling of actual hand-dampening is possible or viable!) but, if it isn't currently available, I am here PLEADING with you to add it in the future! Some may not even care to use such a feature, but 'particular' composers (with strong musical background including degrees and several years' performance experience on multiple instruments including in this case timpani..) realize that occasionally, you want to employ the dramatic effect of a sudden stop in sound from your timps. I'm at such a moment, and (short of 'cutting' the instrument off, which unavoidably produces an audible click) I can find no way to reproduce this effect in GPO4.

    I found mention in the forums, as well, of other (older if I am correct..?) Timpani samples/instruments in GPO3/Kontakt which apparently DID have the hand-damp effect, when their own KS instrument did not do so (they mentioned using the KS sample for single-strike and roll-type playing and using the other samp for dampening)... but being limited to ONLY the KS Timp samples in GPO4, I wouldn't know if this would be accurate as I can't compare the KS sample(s) to anything else via Aria.

    Hope this all makes sense to someone out there and/or if it's indeed a missing feature that it can be added without much headache..!

    Thanks in advance!
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