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Topic: programmable ADSR?

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    programmable ADSR?

    Another amazing addition would be the ability to customize the ADSR within the ARIA player for each instrument.

    It saves a ton of time in wind scoring if you can customize your "default" ADSR on a per-song basis...and then set up MIDI controllers for additional flexibility on attack time, decay time and release time.

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    Re: programmable ADSR?

    Personally I don't find that ADSR envelopes work well with samples. Usually they make the instruments sound like a synthesizer. You can changed the attack by velocity and change the release times for many of the sounds in real time. Decay and sustain I control by shaping CC1.


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    Re: programmable ADSR?

    Well, I've been at this MIDI composing game for 20 years professionally (and 30 years as a professional jazz trumpet player), and for me, it's absolutely essential to have some control over the ADSR of sampled winds in order to do the jazz/commercial writing that I do--in addition to the CC1==>relative volume and filter cutoff that I often program in EXS24.

    For slower/legato types of things, I would agree with you, but for bright, commercial types of things (like musical theater type stuff or jazz-influenced), I get very nice results from sample editing that starts with (and sometimes ends with!) the right samples sculpted via ADSR in EXS24. Just my humble opinion though - I'm sure there are many other ways to get great results!

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    Re: programmable ADSR?

    You could manually add ADSR controls to the instruments you'd like to have them. Most of the instruments utilize the full Controls page on ARIA, you'd still have dedicated MIDI CCs controlling these ADSRs, they just wouldn't be visible on this page.

    If you are interested I could PM you a solution that would accomplish this. Although it would technically be an unsupported addition.

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