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Topic: Hardware vs software synths.

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    Hardware vs software synths.

    This month's column for Film Music Magazine has been posted. It is a discussion with Steve Porcaro about synthesizers and software synthesizers.
    Composer, Logic Certified Trainer, Level 2,
    author of "Going Pro with Logic Pro 9."


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    Re: Hardware vs software synths.

    I love reading these interviews. Great to get a little glimpse into the mind of these guys. Nice call-out to Eric as well. I totally agree with what he says!!!!

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    Re: Hardware vs software synths.

    "We all aspire with our art to have our sounds at the highest level, to sound as good as it can possibly sound but I am looking at a calendar and saying I have only so many years of my life left, forty years if I am lucky. I would rather the world hear all the music I hear in my head rather than just some small fraction which would be the situation, if I am going to be the tweaker for the rest of my life and worry about that level of detail."

    What he says!

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    Re: Hardware vs software synths.

    I very nice read

    we are lucky today to have mucisans and music loving people to creat and disign sound for us in todays synths, and software synths

    i feel what we are paying for is the time these guys put into creating these great sounds, spending time creating our own sounds or patchs is great but when you play a sound from some one who has studied or spent alot of time learning, it can make you feel like its a waist of time trying to creat your own sound,

    with the great synths that are out there offering so much to us (Omni) you can almost do anything with it, but its easy to get lost in trying out so many different things, some times you need to kick your self to come back to reality, but that can only be good if a synth is doing that to you it means its a great synth right, i hope im not sounding to weird


    it can only get gooder

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    Re: Hardware vs software synths.

    Nova, if I tell you that you are not sounding weird- does that make me potentially weird?

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    Re: Hardware vs software synths.

    Quote Originally Posted by Javaj View Post
    Nova, if I tell you that you are not sounding weird- does that make me potentially weird?

    Well if there are two of us it cant be bad, i guess making strange sounds with Omni is becoming part of the normality

    thank you Javaj i dont feel so odd now.

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    Re: Hardware vs software synths.

    Thanks for posting this interview. Mr. Porcaro is probably one of the main reasons why I'm so devoted to making music today. I was a teenager back in the 80's, and growing up listening to the stuff he was involved in was allways a huge inspiration for me.

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