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Topic: Omnisphere VIP Patch error

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    Omnisphere VIP Patch error

    So, I actually thought Trillian was a component of Omnisphere and I proceeded to download the VIP Patch, and now all I can see in the viewer/interface are these VIP patches. There seems to be just a fraction of the amount of patches that were in the original install, and NONE of the vip patches work because the Trillian sound source can't be found, etc.

    Can anybody recommend a course of action? E.g., uninstall/delete VIP patches, uninstall/reinstall Omnisphere from disc (OMG!) - and if so, are there registry concerns, meaning, files I have to manually delete so we don't wind up in the same situation after install, etc.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I just bought O-sphere, was completely psyched, played around for an hour, then broke it with a Spectrasonics-sourced patch (Bumming!)

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    Re: Omnisphere VIP Patch error

    I did the same myself it was wishfull thinking but Omni worked just fine no probs,

    you can go to your folders in your local disk and delete it or replace it with the latest update again, it should be with your host vst plugs or synth folder

    it should be the same PC or Mac


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    Re: Omnisphere VIP Patch error

    simply buy Trilian-not only will your VIP patches work but you get a ton of great bass sounds on top!

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