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Topic: Please fill out my survey.

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    Please fill out my survey.

    https://spreadsheets0.google.com/spr...eEF4di1KUmZidm pOUWZDQW1zM1E6MQ

    Hi, my name is Joep Sporck. I am a composer from the Netherlands. Currently I am doing 3 projects in which I am using samples in 3 different ways.

    1: Creating sample libraries (part-time at ProjectSAM)
    2: Digital orchestration for Musical Spamalot
    3: Music for documentary and feature film

    By participating in these projects I want to get into the mockup (or sketch) and the different roles it has nowadays. You can use it as communication between you and a director, but it is also used as THE end result. Anyhow, I hope you can help me by filling in my survey. I will use the answers for my graduation project at the HKU in Hilversum The Netherlands (European Master Design For Digital Cultures).



    This is the link:
    https://spreadsheets0.google.com/spr...eEF4di1KUmZidm pOUWZDQW1zM1E6MQ

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    Re: Please fill out my survey.

    The link does not work.

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    Re: Please fill out my survey.

    The key ID was cut out

    viewform?formkey=dHBQeEF4di1KUmZidmpOUWZDQW1zM1E6M Q

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