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Topic: Logic EXS settings?

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    Logic EXS settings?

    I am using a wind controller, similar to using a Breath controller, and I get good realistic string sounds from Jam Pack 4 but my settings don't work well with reed instruments. Any one have an idea how to get the same realistic E flat Sax sound using this set-up? If I just let Logic's sequencer play the MIDI file the sound is good, it is when I use the breath controller that all reed instruments lose their timbre, the breath controller works fine with the strings, as I said.
    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Logic EXS settings?

    I don't know what wind controller you have but they usually put out controller(s) for expression. Controller#2 is breath control (for example).

    If you look in the documentation that came with your wind controller or look at Logic's Transport or midi monitor you can see what controller number your wind controller outputs for expression. There may be more than one controller type to allow for different types of expression.

    The factory EXS sounds are setup primarily for keyboard players and the mod wheel (CC#1) and keboard velocity are the most common things used for expression for the factory sounds.

    You can experiment by changing the routers at the bottom of the EXS control panel the source values.

    Let's say your wind controller outputs controllers 2 & 4 for expression. The factory program might say Wheel as the source controller. Click on Wheel and change it to controller #2 (or whatever controller number your instrument outputs) and see if that is the type of expression you are looking for.

    Once you get that figured out, you will want to save the sound, because you are going to have to re-program every sound you want to use this way.

    I might recommend saving in a manner that doesn't re-save the samples, just the parameters you have changed. It saves disk space and time.

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    Re: Logic EXS settings?

    marty, Thanks for the reply. I play an Akai EWI and have breath control [cc2] as source and auto adjust volume as destination in the modulation matrix of my EXS with the slider up. cc2 is also sent to the exs as another source controlling sample select with the x-fade at 30 linear. I set the EXS to mono mode with a short glide length.I am sending cc11[expression] as well. A pro player on a forum for wind controllers said I should try turning off aftertouch-I still have to try that, as well as this: "more expression can be had by
    setting a destination to filter cutoff and the source to pitch again and putting up the fader.
    Then switch on the filter section and take the cutoff down to about half and maybe push the resonance. The fat button and the drive knob will give you more juice." These tips have made a good start but there remain many options via the Moduation Matrix. I am just not good at combining the sources and destinations. I can save the channel strip settings without the samples in Logic.
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