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Topic: Why am I getting stuck keys when I use the Steinway Aria stand alone playe?

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    Re: Why am I getting stuck keys when I use the Steinway Aria stand alone playe?

    GAS Basic is my go to piano for almost everything. It works great for prog rock music. I just boost the Treble for rock music which helps it sit quite well in the mix. I usally narrow the stereo spread for this usage.


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    Re: Why am I getting stuck keys when I use the Steinway Aria stand alone playe?

    Quote Originally Posted by Macy View Post
    I'm glad you are liking GAS Basic. In my opinion it doesn't do a lot wrong and therefore it is easy to like. I've paid over 4x the price for pianos that I unfortunately don't like and never use. I'll still consider a more complete version of GAS (release samples, more sampled notes and levels, better pedaling) should it ever appear. But I wouldn't judge the full capabilities of virtual pianos from the other (non-GAS) pianos on your list. They are decidedly low-end products, or modeled pianos. You may want to try some more state-of-the-art virtual pianos.
    Seems to me you like one non-GAS in particular but at this point I'm not willing to shell out the $ until I decide if I'll stay at this or not. I very seriously studied classical piano/theory for 20+ years, performed many concerts, etc, then got into acoustic guitar and ended up as a touring musician playing guitar and got away from piano until a recent renewal of interest. I'm currently in an Irish/Celtic band playing guitar, bouzouki and whistle, and have been thinking the addition of keyboard with piano/strings/choir might be nice for some things we're doing....slow airs, etc. And this is what renewed my interest in getting back to playing classical piano and discovering virtual pianos. Both pianos I mentioned are very affordable, and as I said, until I find out if this renewed interest is a serious ongoing endeavor or will pass, I'll hold off on going for the more state-of-the-art virtual pianos.

    I've dug out my boxes of sheet music and am having fun getting back into it, including scales, exercises, the whole thing. Actually, I need to get some work done!

    I'd like to get your opinion of other programs, so feel free to send a private message.
    Virtual pianos.... ah, ya gotta love technology.

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