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Topic: The Angels of Minamisoma

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    The Angels of Minamisoma

    Minamisoma was a city in Japan that was destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami of 3/11/2011. The Angels of Minamisoma is a memorial piece for flute and vibraphone written in free tonality that is driven by melodic and harmonic tendencies that I heard / imagined while composing. The piece is realized in Garritan Personal Orchestra.


    If you want more detail go to http://chrisvaisvil.com/?p=806

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    Re: The Angels of Minamisoma

    Very Nice. Almost reminds me of ancient Japanese court music, in which entrances of phrases were so carefully timed. The vibraphone and flute is also a very nice combination.

    Only issue: where's the rest of it?

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    Re: The Angels of Minamisoma

    thanks for the listen and comment Matt.

    This was an entry in a contest and there was a time limit.

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    Re: The Angels of Minamisoma

    Ahh. I see. That makes sense.

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