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Topic: Please sample this instrument.

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    Please sample this instrument.


    In case you got curios you can check out:
    Artist: Huong Thanh
    Album: Dragonfly
    Song: Bakida
    Composer: Nguyén Lé

    I fell a sleep with the radio on, and from "the other side" I heard this song. I woke up just in time to hear the radio host announcing the name of the artist: Tan..... something. I've spend all day googling, searching on iTunes to find it The lead instrument Dan Bau would be a nice thing to have in Omnisphere, if you ask me

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    Re: Please sample this instrument.

    i have that album-very cool music. Nyguen is a fabulous producer and great guitarplayer and Huong sings like an angel.
    Nice blend ofvietnamese and western music.

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    Re: Please sample this instrument.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hans Scheffler View Post
    Nice blend ofvietnamese and western music.
    I too was enthusiastic about the way he’s blending in parts of western classical/jazz harmonies, particularly evident in some really elegant transitions in the strings towards the end of the song. I’m definitively getting the whole album and perhaps some of his jazz things. The stuff that I’ve heard on iTunes sounds really great.

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