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Topic: marble archway (string quartet)

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    marble archway (string quartet)

    Hello forum. I've been listening to the great stuff on this forum but I have not posted for a really long time. This piece may bother the sensibilities of some contemporary composers because it is in a traditional style. The sound is a little bright for my tastes, but it is not the fault of the samples. I still struggle with getting a really good rendering of instruments.

    Anyway I hope you have a chance to listen and comment.

    This string quartet uses:
    Stradivari, Gofriller and GPO4.



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    Re: marble archway (string quartet)

    This piece is begging for a little reverb on the lead instruments. There's a kind of funny echo, but it sounds very artificial, almost like the instruments don't belong there. I think the attack needs a bit of work on the violin and cello, as it almost sounds like cheap GM sounds at times, which, obviously you don't want. The dynamics could use a bit more variation as well.

    As for the composition it's self, it's a bit predictable as far as the style goes, but overall is well done, and enjoyable to listen to. Thanks for posting!

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    Re: marble archway (string quartet)

    Hey Michael. Thanks so much for listening and commenting. I replaced the mp3 that I had originally posted. I worked on each instrument with a decent parametric equalizer and used a medium sized room with ALTIVERB for reverb. The sound that I originally posted was just to bright and crisp. Unfortunately for me, I did this on 5-15-11, which was 3 days before your reply on 5-18-11. Apparently my sense of instrument sound is more challenged than I thought it was.
    I don't hear that echo that you are talking about but but I do hear the overall artificial flavor of the ensemble. I certainly do not want the instruments to sound like "cheap GM sounds". I felt fairly comfortable with the dynamics and tempo variation that I used but I have never played a stringed instrument or in an ensemble of this type, and I think my inexperience shows. Writing a predictable composition is by far your most important comment in my mind. I have always tried to be inventive in my writing, regardless of the style, (classical, jazz, latin etc.). Regardless of a persons taste in music, predictability can make a piece of music very uninteresting. I have to thank you very much for pointing this out in this piece of music.

    Sorry about the long winded response, but I found the comments that you made to be very helpful.

    Thanks again for your response.

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    Re: marble archway (string quartet)

    Hi Jay,

    I'm glad you found my comments helpful. I always try to give the kind of response that I like to get for my own compositions. I have learned a lot in the world of midi orchestration just from listening to comments and advice that people have given on my tracks. I think that we often spend so much time on a piece, writing it, and then sequencing it, that we are unable to actually "hear" it after a time. Having a fresh set of ears hear something can be a huge help to find flaws, problems, and other areas that could be improved that we might not have even heard due to listening to it so much.

    The reverb sounds much better, and there is no longer that echo I heard in the last track. The instruments could still use a little work on making them sound more realistic IMO, but I'm afraid I can't really say what to do, as I do not own either of them, or know how they work.

    Not being predictable is something I think everyone struggles with. I also am contently striving to make my pieces interesting, and fresh. Even then, some of them (especially classical style) turn out to be fairly boring and predictable. I think that it's very difficult to write traditional style classical music, and not have it predictable in some way. There are so many expectations of what it should, and will do ingrained into our brains, that it's hard to get away from that. My best advice for this is, just move on. Don't worry about going back and reworking the piece. Move on to something else, and try harder to avoid sounding predictable. If what you have is predictable, but well composed, then you're in good shape. You're definitely in good shape.

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