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Topic: Stylus RMX/XPander packs authorization

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    Stylus RMX/XPander packs authorization

    Does anyone know whether the Xpander packs have serial numbers and can be authorized on the Spectrasonics website user area? I am a long-time RMX user, but just recently bought the Xpander Pack. Upon installation, one of the disks keeps throwing out a 'disk read error' and tells me to inquire at Tech Support. But it occurred to me it would be quicker to authorize the product and download the full version if its available on the website, except - I cannot find the serial number! It's not on the disk itself, it's not inside the Xpander pack box the disks came in, and there's no user manual inside, where I've found the serial number sticker for all other Spectrasonics instruments I own.

    Anyone? Thanks for your help.


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    Re: Stylus RMX/XPander packs authorization

    As far as I'm aware, all the packs need is an authorized RMX. I have the Xpanded pack of RMX which just came complete with the Xpander packs. No registration or authorization needed, just a straight install. I would imagine it's a faulty disc.

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