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Topic: Bugs in Gigastudio 96

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    Re: Bugs in Gigastudio 96

    Jerry, I haven\'t received Gigastudio yet, but you mentioned something about master attenuation in Gigastudio. Have you found that Gigastudio is able to play samples louder than Gigasampler could. I had the same problem that many others had with Gigasampler of not being able to get the levels loud enough. I\'m hoping GigaStudio has fixed that problem.


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    Re: Bugs in Gigastudio 96

    Jerry you are not experiencing a bug, rather your midi port 2 is linked to midi port 1. In the left corner you will see 4 midi port channel lights. Click on number 2 while you have port 1 screen open, and this will unlink your ports. Good luck.

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    Re: Bugs in Gigastudio 96


    I don\'t think you understand the issue. The purpose of linking ports is to be able trigger two different instruments together, in a similar way that the Gigasampler had levels. Though it is logical to assume if the ports are linked they will respond to the same midi patch changes, in reality they are not supposed to. You can confirm this by reading the online manual concerning linked ports and by talking to tech support. It is not working correctly.

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    Re: Bugs in Gigastudio 96

    You are right I did misunderstand your trouble. I have not tried what you are doing, but if it is not working I would eMail Nemesys direct.

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    Bugs in Gigastudio 96

    I am experiencing the following problems with Gigastudio 96 which I am running on a Pentium III-600 with 128 MB of RAM, a DMA hard drive and Darla 24:

    When opening a performance the instruements I set up in Port 2 are linked to port 1. But when triggering a piece of music from Cakewalk, the instruments in port 2 revert to the same as in Port 1. I have to manually go in an put the right instruments in and then the problem will not re-occur until I reload the performance. As a side note, the instruments in port 2 must be of a different bank than port 1 or the above problem is constant.

    I am also finding a problem with the master attentuation: It doesn\'t seem to hold its setting when the program is closed and re-opened.

    Finally, the NSP-EQ I downloaded from the Nemesys web site after registering will not install, reporting that I have an invalid installation of Gigastudio. But upon doing a debug script in Gigastudo\'s diagnostic window the script reports Gigastudio is installed correctly and everything was successful.

    Jerry Gerber http://www.jerrygerber.com

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    Re: Bugs in Gigastudio 96

    My problem might be similar to the one posted here.

    Here\'s what I do:

    1 - Start GigaStudio (no instruments are assigned yet)
    2 - Assign a bass guitar instrument on channel 9
    3 - Assign a drum kit on channel 10
    4 - Assign the same drum kit on channel 11
    5 - Save the performance close down GigaStudio
    6 - Start GigaStudio
    7 - Open the performance I just saved.

    Here\'s what I see assigned:

    Channel 9 - Bass Guitar
    Channel 10 - Drum Kit
    Channel 11 - Bass Guitar

    Channel 11 should be the Drum Kit. Any ideas?


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    Re: Bugs in Gigastudio 96

    I resolved one of the issues that turned out not to be a bug after all, the one regarding linked ports calling up the same instruments:

    Think of the 2 ports (or 4) as banks 1-2(or banks 1-4). All instruments that shall reside in bank 1 must be assigned that bank number in the editor. Same with every instrument depending on which bank (port) you want to send it to. A bit of editing time, but only must be done once.

    Jerry Gerber

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