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Topic: What age?

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    What age?

    I just want to ask this one question, can a 2 year old child be enrolled in a piano class? I have a 2 and a half year old niece, his father (my brother) is insisting that her first child should be enrolled in a piano lesson this summer. I think a 2 year old is a little bit young to be on a piano class. What do you think?

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    Smile Re: What age?

    From my own experience as a private piano teacher, very young children would benefit from group classes designed for these age groups. Usually the classes consist of movement to music, singing and rhythm type activities rather than formal piano training. A couple of years of this first then a move towards more structured "one on one" private lessons would be a better option.

    I have taught 5 yr olds but there is of lot of "game" type work and the progress is slower than that of a 7 yr old. I personally think 2 and 3 is too young for formal piano lessons.
    If you wait until at least 5 and there is someone to help follow up the lessons at home and provided the student can concentrate and take instructions, then piano lessons can be successful and fun for both child and teacher. The best age is around 7 (providing they want to learn to play!)

    I hope that helps and good luck.

    Music... A Joy For Life.

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    Re: What age?

    I'm coming a little late to this, but I started the piano when I was two and a half. It was in group lessons called "sing and play" where we just did basic things like learning the keys, the names of notes, and very simple songs, but there was a lot of group interaction as well. When I was 5, then, I moved on to private lessons with a teacher at the same school.

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