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Topic: Audio and Video computer set-up

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    Audio and Video computer set-up

    Good day,

    I am in the process of building a computer for audio and video editing. I am using Vegas studio for video and Acid for audio.

    I have a M-Audio fast track pro and monitors. Also have a screen, mouse and keyboard.
    So all i need is a good computer.
    Could someone direct me in what would be a good mother board, Video card, power supply, processor and/or any other thing i need to get?
    I don't want to pay outrageous amounts of money for the computer... Maybe there is a tower system all ready out there with all that i need...
    I would also like to have the capacity to go on-line to get updates and files
    I would like this computer to have 3 drives to manage my projects:
    1- C: with win 7 and all programs mention above.
    2- D: with all Audio files and songs.
    3- E: with all video files and images.

    If you need more information that would help in this build please don't hesitate to contact me.
    I really appreciate all input and information i can get.

    Thank you kindly and Cheers.

    Dark Lord Of Metal.

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    Re: Audio and Video computer set-up

    Very nice posting have been given by you, this is much useful for me.

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