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Topic: Omni: turn off sustain pedal for a sound?

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    Omni: turn off sustain pedal for a sound?

    Hello there!
    I am just stacking several sounds where the first sound from EWQL "Silk" should react to sustain pedal but Omni should not. I just don´t see, where I can turn the sustain pedal off.
    My second thought was to adjust the amplitude ADSR so that there is no sustain phase and regulate the "tail" with the decay lenght. But though I have been working with synths for 20 years now I can´t get Omni to do what I want.. I never achieve the effect that the sound remains the same whether I press the pedal or not. It just reacts very different from what I got used to with other synths.
    So I thought the simpler solution would surely be to switch off the sustain pedal for that sound. Can you help?

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    Re: Omni: turn off sustain pedal for a sound?

    Did you try turning off the sustain pedal button (that big button with the picture of a sustain pedal on it)?
    Glenn O

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    Re: Omni: turn off sustain pedal for a sound?

    You spectraguys know how to hide things don´t you?
    Thanks so much Glenn, I tried the latch modes but could not see that the sustain icon itself is clickable...
    By the way: I consulted the f. manual BUT: under the search term "sustain pedal", only all 287 modulation sources were listed

    Great: problem quickly solved, on with composing!

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