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Topic: Brass demo

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    Brass demo

    Here's a short piece featuring Vienna Dimension brass (trumpets, trombones, and some low brass). I'm trying to exploit the divisi thing in this library.

    A Brass Thing

    Please give it a listen and tell me what you think about the mix.


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    Re: Brass demo

    Sonically and from a compositional point of view, I think it's very good... what I'm missing here is the rhythmical "drive", I can't quite put my finger on it, but I'd say that the timing is too loose generally speaking, and the drums should be tighter. It should give a sense of urgence, of forward motion that I find lacking. Nice work anyway!

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    Re: Brass demo

    Thanks Roberto.

    It could be the drums that are not tight enough. Perhaps the brass sections can be tightened too.

    I'm still wrestling with all the articulation and divisi keyswitch options available in this brass set. I can't wait to do something with the french horn section (which I've not included here).

    Thanks for giving this a careful listen.

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