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Topic: Rivers (An excerise in expressive strings)

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    Rivers (An excerise in expressive strings)

    This started out as an attempt to get a big and expressive string sound out of the garritan library and turned into a piece I really liked in the end. It's quite a simple piece, but I like simple.


    As with everything I do, this is GPO 4 and Finale 2011.

    (If I wasn't already married with a kid, I'd marry Finale and have little GPO kids, I love it so much)!

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    Re: Rivers (An excerise in expressive strings)

    Very pretty piece!
    I too love GPO & Finale.
    It is a wonderful experience to conceive music and be able to hear it!
    Jeff Gardner

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    Re: Rivers (An excerise in expressive strings)

    A very nice upbeat positive piece - I can hear the passion you have for expressing your music. With all due respect to GPO, to achieve a more realistic string sound one has to add a couple of different libraries to the mix to mix things up a little more.

    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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    Re: Rivers (An excerise in expressive strings)

    Perhaps it's just me, but your strings are backwards... It sounds like your celli are on the left, which is quiet confusing, since they are almost always located on the right. They also seem to be conflicting with your violins a bit where you currently have them.

    Nice piece though. Very relaxing.

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    Re: Rivers (An excerise in expressive strings)

    Irregardless of libraries and instrument placement. The music you present sings and oozes of emotion and love for music. Your orchestration is nice in not being too heavy with all play "a tutti" all the time. When I first read your description, I thought I was going to hear all stops out and all playing in one great big chorus. My how I was wrong. You show sensitivity and charm as well as strength in your lines.


    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: Rivers (An excerise in expressive strings)

    Hi all, first thanks for the comments, always useful.

    I'll check the panning settings for the cello section - I haven't tweaked actual settings in so long I forget where they are 'sitting'. I have a finale template set up so I just load up and compose. I stopped fiddling settings ages ago.

    I understand the need to expand libraries, and I considered this for strings. I was close to buying the eastwest library and luckly didn't as I found out it doesn't work with finale at all.

    For my, a major selling point is full integretion into Finale. Without this I will not consider it. Hence why I stick with GPO. They work very well together.

    I tried DAW's - and for me, it was never a creative process, it was a technical excercise.

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    Re: Rivers (An excerise in expressive strings)

    I made a discovery this morning - a piece from Graham "Plowking" that I hadn't heard before, "Rivers." It's a pretty, romantic piece in the modern soundtrack vein, and done very nicely.

    I'm adding a reply to boost the thread to the top again, hoping to get your attention Graham. Recently you let us know that you've made a shift, and are now using other sound libraries. I was hoping you wouldn't be disappearing from the Forums where we need you - but I haven't seen you since that last thread when you talked about changing your working methods.

    So - this boosting post has a two-fold purpose. Like a lot of music posted in our Listening Room, it deserves to be heard by a much larger audience, so I hope people re-discover "Rivers." And my other reason is to hopefully attract the attention of you, Graham, so maybe you can post a reply here or start a new thread - We'd like to hear from you!


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    Re: Rivers (An excerise in expressive strings)

    Hey Randy, nice surprise to see this old piece resurface. I was surprised to see it was only 1 year ago, almost to the day. And a lot has changed. My old post, just above yours, made for very interesting reading. It's saying everything that I now don't do. How times change, and how quickly.

    I've been too busy to properly reply on the forum, only occasionally dipping in for a quick look - mostly on mobile, so can't listen to any pieces in the listening room either. Had a couple of projects and some competition pieces to finish as well.

    This 'Rivers' piece is one I looked at again a few weeks ago with a mind to record it again from scratch, in my DAW no less, and with the broader scope of libraries I have now, including IO. But I haven't done much on the new version.

    Thanks for the poke, I'll try to get back into the swing of things on the forum soon. It's after 1am right now so I'm off to bed.

    Here's a little something new I just finished - more 'Hobbity' music.

    YouTube Music:
    My Channel

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    Re: Rivers (An excerise in expressive strings)

    This is indeed a pleasant listen. Its simplicity made it very relaxing. The strings sound nice and the added piano was a good touch.
    Thanks for posting this. Jay

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    Thumbs up Re: Rivers (An excerise in expressive strings)

    wow...the Hobbit Music is amazing!

    I think a kind of early-light was visible in your old GPO sound... but now... you really fly.

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