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Topic: Trilian bass synths -- holy $%!*!

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    Trilian bass synths -- holy $%!*!

    Cementing my status as a dope -- I bought Trilian for the electric basses and primarily the fretless instruments. Since I purchased/installed the DVDs (2+ months ago), I haven't even given the bass synths a second thought. Didn't even load up one patch. I think my subconscious attitude was 'I'm a bass player, what do I need a bass synth for?'

    I think because of the Bob Moog charity pack I decided to give trilian's bass synths a quick whirl. Holy smokes... this thing is *sooo* good. Whereas Omnisphere is so diverse and spread out, Trilian's bass synths are slotted into a... how do I put this... a certain vibe. All different, yet focused.

    Despite not quite having the variety or "wow" of omnisphere, I found them to be even more inspiring. These are some flipping way cool and *useful* synths. Of course, most of you probably know that since you're not a dope like me.

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    Re: Trilian bass synths -- holy $%!*!

    Trilian's Bass Synth library is simply the closest you can get to vintage analog monosynth awesomeness if you ask me. There is no other VST that sounds like this collection.

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