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Topic: Reworking Old Pieces

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    Reworking Old Pieces

    Just taking the temperature on this topic... Do you think it's worthwhile to go back to old pieces you wrote early in your compositional "career" and rework/update them with your wealth of experience now, or should you just leave the past in the past?

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    Re: Reworking Old Pieces

    Yes. I do it all the time. Sometimes you get a better piece...and then sometimes you hit delete. LOL
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    Re: Reworking Old Pieces

    It's my understanding that re-working/re-fining older compositions has been done by many, many composers throughout time, it seems. If the inspiration and new ideas exist for refining an older work, then go for it!!! I've done it a few time with a few older compositions. This was especially true when I went from hardware-based sequencing (with all sorts of tone-generators multi-timbral keyboards) to software-based sequencing (with GPO, etc.). Presently, though, it's a matter of "time management"; available time to compose and sequence is somewhat rare. For me, I'd rather write something new (which I share to friends and family as Christmas Gifts) than re-work old pieces. But, for the most part, I have all of my older compositions written on manuscript paper and stored in various places throughout my happy studio. Someday I plan on looking at some of these older compositions and possibly re-fine and re-sequence them.

    So. . . if you have the time, energy and inspiration. . . why NOT re-work older compositions? Good luck with your decision.

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