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Topic: Stylus RMX - BCF2000 Push Function

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    Stylus RMX - BCF2000 Push Function

    Hi Everybody,

    First of all, sorry for my bad english ^^.

    I've got a technical question. I own a BCF2000, ableton live and StylusRMX. Everything works fine with the special template from Spectrasonis for the BCF2000.

    But now, I learn for exemple the cutoff (high-pass filter) of my kick on the first button of the bcf (the rotary button). It works and it's great. But if a press on the button, the initial position will be in the center (MIDI value : 64). But I would like to learn that button that if I press this one, the initial postion will be the vale 1 (or 0). So i can in live situation take progressively the bass off of the kick and than if I press, I've got my full kick.

    I look in the BCF documentation but nothing. Can somebody help me ? It will be so nice for live and less complicated

    Tchao !

    PS: I want to say that you guys from Spectrasonics are doing a fantastic job with your softwares ! Thx a lot !

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    Re: Stylus RMX - BCF2000 Push Function


    I found the solution of my request. I need to use the BC Manager program (I don't know if it works on Mac) : http://home.kpn.nl/f2hmjvandenberg281/bc2000.html .

    If I open my BCF and the BC Manager, I just need to do a BC detection (into the program), after I load the template from spectrasonics and I modifiy the parameters that I want and them default values. It's really easy if we read the PDF Manual of the program. After the modifications, I save it as a new Sysex file and I can open it with MIDI-OX (or Siberian on Mac i think) and I store it on one of the 32 presets of the BCF2000.


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