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Topic: Liking GigaStudio So Far

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    Liking GigaStudio So Far

    Well, just got my GigaStudio 160 installed, and so far it works good for me. In particular, the Key Grouping feature (that was supposed to work in GigaSampler for hihat cut offs or whatever) works great. Now my hi hats cut each other off. Yippie!!!

    Also, the editor is much more usable. I can copy or cut a region(s) from one gig and past it anywhere in a new gig. This was super handy to build a drum kit from the Bob Clearmountain Drums II gigs.


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    Re: Liking GigaStudio So Far

    What is your processor type and speed, and how much RAM do you have?

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    Re: Liking GigaStudio So Far

    I have a Gateway PII/333 with 128MB RAM. My hard disk is a Maxtor Diamond 30GB 7200 RPM. I haven\'t tried to figure out the max polyphony for my configuration yet. I know there\'s a meter to tell you that information. I hope I can get up to 100. That\'s about what I need.


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    Re: Liking GigaStudio So Far

    That\'s good news. I have a Pentium III 450, 256mb RAM, a Maxtor Diamond 30GB 7200 RPM (master), and a Maxtor Diamond 20GB 7200 RPM (slave). Unfortunately, I feel as though I have to \"take a number\", behind the ohter people who have indicated, @ this forum, that they haven\'t received theirs yet.

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