So for those that don't know about this. Pull our your original DVD's that came with your Mac. You will have for software- on that DVD is extra software- Xcode. You want to install that package. It will install AU Lab- which can be used as a standalone AU host- perfect for giving our Omnisphere/Trilian/RMX all the power it can take. In Logic, I was always having to watch my cpu meter as Logic would only place Omnisphere on a single core. I have a huge multi playing right now, with my cpu meter going- showing both cores being used (something that would bring my Logic setup to its knees).

I would love to hear any new MBP users try AU Lab and Omni out and tell us what kind of cpu utilization you are getting. I can tell you playing the Psychoacoustic Energy multi/stack- I am pushing both cores to about 50 percent. Versus over 90 percent when in Logic.