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Topic: Live performance plus Omnisphere etc

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    Live performance plus Omnisphere etc

    Hi , I am presently composing music for a dance program in Kenya. We may or may not get the funding for the 10 live musicians. In the event that we don't, I may play along with recorded tracks. I know that this could be a disaster, if the musicians get out of timing with the music.

    Anybody out there have experience with this type of thing? Like what sort of sound system setup should be used to keep the musician "in time" with the backing tracks?

    At this point I would have a bass, keys, drums, and French Horn, yes that's right.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks, Jeff

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    Re: Live performance plus Omnisphere etc

    I think the only way is to use a sequencer, send a click on a different output to musicians' headphones.

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    Re: Live performance plus Omnisphere etc

    Ok , so run the backing tracks through Cubase, for example, and have everyone connected to a set of headphones. Send out a click to everyone.

    I have a mixer, but only one headphone output. How do you deal with multiple headsets?

    Thanks Jeff

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    Re: Live performance plus Omnisphere etc

    You can buy a headphone distribution amplifier - Behringer sells them - not very pricey.
    4 sets can plug in and each gets its own overall volume.
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    Re: Live performance plus Omnisphere etc

    Many thanks. I will look into it.

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