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Topic: Omnisphere Updates not working on MacBook Pro

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    Omnisphere Updates not working on MacBook Pro

    Hi my name is Jeff Harrison. I have done all of the latest updates for Omnisphere, but I am having problems.

    I am using the following:
    MacBook Pro 10.6.6
    Cubase 5.5.2
    Omnisphere Software Version 1.5.4c 32 bit
    Sound Sources 1.0.2
    Patches Version 1.5.1


    • Patches load but I am getting no sound.
    • Before loading a patch, Sine wave is heard if I press a piano key.

    Midi signal is there in cubase and Omnisphere.

    Yesterday I installed the previous Software version before 1.5.4c. I don't remember what the number was. But at the time I was not at my home , so I did not have the hardrive with Steam on it so I had to Cancel the installation.

    Not knowing that Version 1.5.4c existed, I came home and installed everything again, Patches and Sound sources. They installed after easily finding the Steam folder.

    Today I found version 1.5.4c and installed it. But still no sounds.

    Any ideas what I may have done wrong? Please let me know if you have any news. I am in the middle of a project that I need to submit soon.

    Update: Some sounds to work, but only once in a while.

    So far I am getting very little help from Spectrasonics other than one-sentence questions.

    Many thanks Jeff

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    Re: Omnisphere Updates not working on MacBook Pro

    Hi Jeff

    What i suggest you do is remove the update 1.5.4c and go back to 1.5.3d so you can finish off your project,

    then wait for spectro to sort you out

    you also might want to update Cubase to the latest 5.5.3

    if you have deleted your 1.5.3d i will be happy to mail it to you, right now it seems your project is the most importent thing.


    hope it goes well

    Gigabyte EP43UD3L. Core2Duo3gighz6MBcatch.ram8gighz DDR21066hz.seagate1500TBHDD Soundcard:M-AUDIO Fasttrack Pro USB. OS windows764bit.Host Cubase5update 5.5.3 32bit and 64bit on same system Wavelabstudio 6. Hypersonic with modules. Omnisphere 1.5.4C 32bit and 64bit on same system. VST sound collection. HALion Sonic VST Workstation upgrade 1.5.
    Hardware:dual monitors. controlFreek 16 channel. ART DIGITAL MPA ll preamplifier. Samson CVALVE. BOSS Noise Suppressor. BasePodLine6. BEHRINGER 8channal mixer.NAD AMP. JBL speakers.Instruments: yamahaP80. yamahaSY35. fender strat. washburn acustic guitar, main intrument: yamaha six stringTBR base guitar.

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    Re: Omnisphere Updates not working on MacBook Pro

    Hi Novaburst,
    the thing is , I did install 1/5/3 the first time but it did not work. so I thought 1.5.4 was a fix for the one that wasn't working. I feel like going back to the legacy downloads, but they suggest only doing that with Spectrasonics advice.

    Thanks for helping. Jeff

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    Re: Omnisphere Updates not working on MacBook Pro

    Hi Jeff

    sorry for missreading, It really looks like a sound card problem,

    what i would do is just go back to any update that was working ok on your system.


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    Re: Omnisphere Updates not working on MacBook Pro

    Problem fixed.

    The issue for me was choosing "Streaming" on the settings page. Easy fix, just took a few days for tech to tell me.
    later Jeff

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