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Topic: My music

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    My music

    Hi guys,
    I'm new in this forum.
    I'm from Spain and I hope to learn to much in this forum.
    Here is my music:


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    Re: My music

    Welcome. I'm not new here, but I am resurrected... I was last here several years ago and have returned, and am hoping to post more regularly. So far I haven't been able to listen since the link times out.

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    Meaning of "Compositor" in English

    Just for your information, "Compositer" in English (and possibly "Compositor" as well), does not mean "a Composer of music or sound" but, instead, it is someone who merges visual images from different sources into one to appear as though the different elements of the image where actually physically together in the first place.

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    Re: My music

    Ok, Pitagoras.

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